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 DEA Rules

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DEA Forums Administrator

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PostSubject: DEA Rules   Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:28 pm

Hear me and heed my words.

DEA Basic Rules

  • Communication between members is necessary.

  • Communication with our allies is a must.

  • To facilitate communications, all members must register on our alliance forum.
    Register with your in-game name.

  • You MUST go into vacation mode if you expect to be inactive for 3 or more days.

  • You MUST report in the Leave Request forum and send a circular message when you go into vacation mode.

  • Resource Pulls are a privilege, not a right.
    We have established Tango Company, our training group, to help new players learn to survive and grow. Tango Company members MAY receive resources as part of their training. Resource pulls are conducted at the discretion of the company leadership.

  • Being attacked is part of the game. Get to know the folks in your system. They are the closest and most likely help you can get. Asking the alliance for help, will only result in help IF alliance members are online and can send help in time.
    Learn to avoid loss from attack, FLEET SAVE. If you don't know what that means, join Tango Company.

  • DO NOT Cheat.
    DEA has zero tolerance for cheating. If you are found to be cheating in any way, you will be reported, banned, and black listed.

  • DO NOT spy or attack DEA members.
    Spying and attacking members is strictly forbidden, unless asked to do it by a member.

  • DO NOT attack members of allies or those we have NAPs with.
    You are forbidden to attack any alliance that DEA has a NAP or are Allies with. If in doubt ask before attacking.

  • DO NOT use offensive language.
    You must refrain from using any offensive message in circulars or the DEA forums.

  • DO NOT beg for rez in the circs.
    You are prohibited from requesting resources in the in-game message system (circular messages).
    Offenders may have their ability to post a circular message revoked if they persist in requesting resources or ask questions that are easily found in online resources such as those linked to below.

Those that break the rules will dealt with immediately. Penalty for breaking the rules include being warned for lesser offenses up to, for the more severe offenses, being kicked out of the alliance and black listed.

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DEA Rules
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